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Welcome to KAFS Corp., where innovation and efficiency converge. Our extensive range of products spans six key categories, each meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide.


Efficiency Redefined: Explore cutting-edge automation solutions that streamline processes and elevate efficiency. We have the tools to automate your success, from robotic systems to smart controls.

  •  Automation Systems for Production Machines
  • Brake and Clutch Controllers
  • Bus Converters, Gateways
  • Counters, Totalizers
  • Generator Set Controllers
  • Human Machine Interfaces, Dialogue Terminals
  • HVAC Controllers
  • I/O Modules
  • Indicators, Displays
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Pump Controllers
  • Remote Terminal Units (RTU)
  • Safety Modules, Safety Relays
  • Temperature Controllers and Regulators
  • Universal Controllers and Regulators
  • Valve Controllers


Precision in Every Reading: Our detection and measurement category offers a range of instruments designed for accuracy. Whether measuring dimensions or detecting anomalies, trust us for unparalleled precision.

  • Electrical Measurement
  • Flow, Pressure And Level Measurement
  • Force Measurement
  • Position, Speed And Acceleration Measurement
  • Temperature And Humidity Measurement


Powering Tomorrow: Dive into the world of electricity and electronics, where every product is a conduit for power and innovation. We provide the backbone for your electrical needs, from circuitry to power supplies.

  • Cables, Connectors, Enclosures
  • Electronic Components
  • Energy: Production And Distribution
  • Power Supply
  • Switches And Relays


Machinery that Moves You: Discover various industrial machines and equipment engineered for reliability and performance. From CNC machines to heavy-duty industrial tools, your operations are covered.

  • Furnaces And Heat Treatment
  • Heat Exchangers And Refrigeration
  • Welding And Assembly


Fluid Power Excellence: Explore the synergy of hydraulics and pneumatics with our products designed for fluid power precision. Boost your operations with components that deliver under pressure.

  • Compressors
  • Filters And Separators
  • Hydraulic And Pneumatic Actuators
  • Pipes, Tubes And Fittings
  • Pumps
  • Valves


Driving Progress: Our power transmission and mechanical components category is the backbone of many industries. We provide automated solutions that keep your systems in motion, from gears to belts.

  • Actuators And Positioning Systems
  • Bearings And Linear Guides
  • Mechanical Transmission
  • Motors And Motor Control

Join Us on the Journey

Explore each category to find the products that power your success. Contact us for more information or request a quote to take the first step toward efficiency and innovation.

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